About Place Score

“You can’t measure place” This challenge was presented to PLACESCORE founder Kylie Legge back in 2014 and she set her mind to solving it. “If we spending community money on things that are meant to make their lives better then surely we should be able to measure that benefit”.

Fast forward 2 years and PLACESCORE was launched – the first ‘place experience’ measurement platform that lets communities share what they most care about, rate their own places, and in doing so help governments and developers prioritise investment in neighbourhoods, town centres and workplaces.

This is community engagement for the future; data driven, rigourous, representative and able to be used for multiple projects not just one. It saves time, money and improves the effectiveness of the engagement in driving changes that are valued.


PLACESCORE offers two sophisticated data collection tools to gather and analyse insights - Care Factor and PX Assessments. Together they reveal what people care about and how a place rates against that benchmark. Attributes with a high Care Factor and low PX score can be considered priorities, while those with both high a Care Factor and high PX can be celebrated. It provides place managers with an integrated platform for diagnosing problems, identifying priorities, and measuring change.