Case Studies

PLACESCORE has now completed dozens of projects with local and state government, private businesses and developers with around 14,000 people having completed one of our surveys. While the data is invaluable to our clients it is also allowing us to better understand local and national trends.

NSW Planning & Environment and the Priority Precincts

We have been working with NSW Planning & Environment on nine of their priority precinct using the Neighbourhood Care Factor and PX Assessment tools to better understand what local people valued and what needed to be improved in each area. You can visit their site here.

What is really important in Town Centres?

Founder Kylie Legge with Steven Burgess of MRCagney looked into the NSW benchmark data to try and understand the difference between what ‘annoys people’ versus what they really care about. The results were surprising, read their article ‘The Truth about Transport’ here.

Oxford St, Sydney – Before and After

As our home we are very fond of Oxford Street but also aware that it has really struggled over the last 5 years. Back in 2015 we undertook a PX Assessment with local shoppers and then another about a year later. In between our sister company Place Partners worked with local businesses and the art school on a series of temporary and permanent interventions with the aim of ‘slowing people down and increasing the stickiness’. Interestingly, the #1 place attribute in 2016 was ‘Landmarks, special features or meeting places’ a reflection for a $600 investment in a small community space with seating and shared piano.


How do you compare?

As the Place Score data base grows so too will your ability to compare your place to others like it in your city or region.