Case Studies

Place Score assessments have been completed across Australia and in the United States, providing governments, asset owners and managers, consultants and universities with important information about what their communities value.

In addition, the combined datasets of more than 20 different locations have begun to show some very interesting trends:

  • Different age, different perspective
    - People aged 24 and under are the most positive about places with the highest average Place Scores. People aged 45-54 are the most critical, awarding the lowest average score out of 100.
  • The right amount of public space goes a long way
    - Both men and women rate the amount of public space as the strongest attribute of places.
  • Is your community active?
    - Evidence of community activity is the lowest ranked attribute across all places assessed. An improvement in visible community activity would be an easy win for your place.

How do you compare?

As the Place Score data base grows so too will your ability to compare your place to others like it in your city or region.

Download the Place Score report for Oxford Street in Sydney