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Place Score turns the ‘voice of your community’
into evidence-based metrics for positive change.
We make it easier for you by identifying the
strengths and challenges of your local places and
provide clear directions for investment priorities
that can be tracked over time.

How it works


One representative LGA-wide data collection via our unique and university-endorsed methodology provides community insights for multiple projects


Our easy to use data means more alignment for your organisation, clear priorities and no more data wastage.


You have reliable and nationally consistent data to build strategy, prioritise investment, work with stakeholders and measure impact over time

Over 180,000 Australians
and counting

Goodbye to focus groups,
where the loudest speaks

Goodbye to open consultation,
where the same voices offer
the same complaints

Hello to large scale digital
consultation that gives you
representative data you can trust

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Transparent and
rigorous engagement
that goes beyond the
‘usual suspects’

De-risk the planning
process by using the
same data as government
and delivering product
you know the customer

Understand what people
like about, and what
could be improved in
your existing asset