About us

We believe every person, in every place, matters

Place Score is committed to providing human-centric data that makes good decisions easier.

Place Score was developed to help government and the private sector with instant access to the values of your community and the performance of your places.

We offer human-centric data that is rigorous, representative and place-based. We measure what matters so you can make the decisions that most benefit your community.

Significant effort is made to engage communities but it’s typically project by project, with inefficient research methods that aren’t cost-effective. Representation of cultural diversity, youth and other hard-to-reach groups can be poor. Loud voices often dominate but may not represent the majority. And insights tend to be general rather than place specific.

We’re here to change that.

At Place Score, we believe people-focused places create a sense of identity and belonging that delivers happier, healthier and more resilient communities. People-focused places support self-sustaining and successful local economies, ultimately becoming desirable destinations with a point of difference that attracts investment and grows opportunities.

Place Score’s purpose is to empower everyone, everywhere, to have their say in the decisions that affect these everyday places. In turn, this informs and guides councils, developers and landlords, helping them to prioritise their investments and plan appropriately for the future.

Meet the team

“Place Score was developed to solve a real-world problem – to empower every person to influence the decisions impacting their every day.
Our vision is to create the world’s largest social research dataset regarding urban environments. In the process we are providing all levels of government and the private sector with nationally consistent place-based insights that reveal local values and performance, identify priorities for investment and track change over time. It is an end to end system that aims to make it easier for investors and managers to make decisions that will make our towns and cities better for the people they serve.”