We measure what matters to
deliver you actionable insights
built on a rigorous data foundation

Decision making is easy when you have great data that is easy to understand. Place Score’s products have been designed to reveal the strengths and challenges experienced by your community so you can focus investment where it will have the most benefit.

Let us help you make better places for your community

Place Score collects data directly from the people connected to your place. No assumptions,
no web-scraping. We find out what really matters to your community, and how your places
are performing, then provide you with clear priorities for the future.

Designed for use across multiple disciplines over multiple years – your data is
action-oriented. It can be used for developing a Community Vision down to measuring
the impact of outdoor dining trials.

Liveable Neighbourhoods

No-one really knows how liveable a neighbourhood is –
unless you actually live there.

Place Score is the only nationally consistent liveability measurement system that collects and analyses the data directly from the communities living and working in your neighbourhoods.

The result is data that not only allows for comparison between demographics groups, suburbs, councils and regions but reveals your community’s priorities for improving local liveability and community wellbeing.

Once you have the Place Score Liveability Platform it will change the way your organisation works, saving time and resources while tracking the impacts of your work by measuring the outcomes for the community you serve.

Read more about Place Score’s Liveable Neighbourhood products below.

Liveability Platform

Integrated Data Analysis & Tracking
Place Score’s ground breaking online data analytics system is a powerful engagement, prioritisation and tracking tool for improving the liveability of your neighbourhoods.


  • 9 key planning themes including movement, economy, facilities and services, and open space
  • Informs multiple strategies; community, transport, land use and more
  • Foundation for focussed engagement planning, community panels etc.
  • Evidence base for grant applications
  • Tracks changes over time
  • Alignment of metrics with organisational strategy
  • Comparison with national trends

Voice of the Community

Insights on demand
Don’t have the time or budget to run your own engagement? Then draw from our over 70,000 strong national benchmark datasets to get an immediate understanding of local values, priorities and potential areas of conflict.


  • Early project feasibility planning
  • De-risking community conflicts
  • Aligning private and public sector

Successful Main Streets

The best main streets attract a diversity of people who want to
spend both time and money – they attract and attach.

Place Score’s first tool was the PX Assessment – measuring the ‘place experience’ (PX)
of main streets. Over time we have developed a powerful range of place
measurement, improvement and tracking products that have helped
over 300 local main street communities and economies.

Main streets depend on their customers to not only survive but to thrive.
Place Score gets to know your customers – what they value and how
they are experiencing your street in order to deliver priorities for
improvement and track changes before and after investment.

Read more about Place Score’s Successful Streets products below.

Impact Maximiser

Customer-centric directions for positive change
Place Score’s most powerful street tool – we visit your street, collect values and performance data from your community, analyse and provide recommendations to improve customer place experience

  • Guaranteed minimum participation numbers
  • Fast and cost efficient
  • Discipline agnostic – soft and hard infrastructure recommendations
  • Unbiased data for stakeholder negotiations
  • Movement and place value add-on

Impact Tracker

Capture the uplift in customer experience
Move away from anecdotes and opinions to data driven evidence. The Impact Tracker measures place experience during your pop-up or after your streetscape or retail revitalisation project.

  • Links uplift in place experience scores to specific investments
  • Report on your KPI’s, share your successes and acquit grant requirements
  • Learn what has the most positive impact on customers in your area

PX Assessments

The place performance tool
Want to get an understanding of how your main streets are performing? A PX Assessment provides an overall Place Score as well as revealing what is working well and what may be impacting your customers negatively.

  • Baseline performance data that is repeatable and comparable
  • Fast, low cost and representative
  • Unbiased customer-centric data
  • Can be undertaken before and after investment

Loveable Parks

There has never been a time when our parks and open spaces have been
so important – but are they delivering what your community needs?

Great parks and open spaces serve a diversity of the local community, providing
important shared amenities and access to nature and the outdoors.

Our Park Score tool assesses the amenity and experience offered by your open space,
and can track change over time before and after improvements are made.

Read more about Place Score’s Park Score product below.

Park Score

The open space performance measurement tool
Want to know how your park or open space is performing from the perspective of its users?

Park Score collects observation studies in your local places to provide baseline and comparison metrics.


  • Baseline performance data that is repeatable and comparable
  • Fast, low cost and representative
  • Unbiased customer-centric data
  • Can be undertaken before and after investment

Maximise the value
of your data

Place Score data is discipline agnostic, and can inform multiple projects over multiple years, reducing engagement fatigue and increasing the effectiveness of your community’s inputs.

Work in Council? Imagine…

A simple, quantitative list
of attributes your
community cares about

Being able to track
investment impact on community
wellbeing over the long term

Instant data that helps
you listen to community
in a way that makes sure
everyone gets a say

Working collaboratively with
developers to deliver community
priorities by sharing with
them what community values

Work in development? Imagine…

Knowing what is
important to community
before you start working
on a project

Accessing the same data
as government to deliver
a shared vision for the

Tracking the positive
impact of your
development and
investment on the local

Live in a community? Imagine…

Knowing that your voice will impact thousands
of decisions made by government and
developers – and help make local places better
for everyone who lives, shop and works there.